With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you don't need to make large upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing that hardware. Instead, you can provision exactly the right type and size of computing resources you need to power your newest bright idea or operate your IT department. You can access as many resources as you need, almost instantly, and only pay for what you use.

We've adopted almost all of the features that AWS provides. AWS is the easy answer for any internet business that wants to scale to the next level.

AWS lets organizations small and large shift resources away from data center investments and operations and move them to innovative new projects. Specifically, you can have your scarce IT and engineering resources focus on projects that grow your business instead of having them focus on IT infrastructure—which is important but hardly ever differentiates your business. AWS can help you quickly get started and grow your business according to your needs.

Grow your business