If you're an aspiring filmmaker or screenwriter, you can submit your ideas for movies and original shows. And, unlike the traditional path for these careers, you'll get real-time feedback—from customers. If customers love your idea, it can be made into a feature film or episodic series.

There are two distinctive characteristics of our process. First, we have an open door for creators. There are a lot of great ideas in Hollywood, but not everyone can be there or get their work into the right hands. Amazon Studios is open to ideas from around the world. Great ideas are everywhere. Second, we invite the audience in early. Amazon Studios seeks feedback about projects and ideas, even in their earliest stages.

And to reach the most people, we try to shape stories into a form that is short, or visual, or both. We will test premises, storyboards, posters, videos, test movies, pilots, promos and other formats to see what people think. Scripts are critically important in development, but they just aren't accessible to most audiences.

Get your movie or series made