Holding Explarotary Lab workshops at Lenster Lycee
Engineering students are learning how to teach new skills to Alexa during the Explarotary Lab workshop at Lënster Lycée Luxembourg
Lenster Lycee students are touring Amazon EU HQ in Kirchberg
Corporate presentation and guided tour at the Amazon EU HQ offices in Kirchberg
Students practice coding with Amazon employees during the Hour of Code session at the lab of Lenster Lycee Luxembourg
The 'Hour of Code' session held by Amazon at the lab of Lënster Lycée Luxembourg

Amazon rekognition” and our voice-controlled personal assistant “Alexa” were the protagonists in our latest tech exploratory lab at the Lënster Lycée in Luxembourg.

As the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team explained, facial recognition allows identification of people and emotions through pictures and shapes, whereas Alexa provides ‘Skills’ to ask questions, play trivial games, set alarms, tell jokes etc. The students also did coding to teach Alexa new skills, through voice driven applications.

Later in June, for the first time the students of Lënster Lycée visited Amazon corporate head offices in Kirchberg, where we presented the company as well as AWS business. The conference not only raised curiosity about the way we work (Amazon leadership principles are our core values), but also about the different services and devices we develop for our customers. We ended the visit with a tour of our tech offices.

The ‘Hour of Code’ was the last activity attended by 30 students split into two coding classes: one for the beginners, and the other one for the students with advanced coding skills. The students were able to refine their coding skills while creating their own application.

Creativity was the only limit and the students played the game presenting some great ideas!

At the end of the class, we gave them customized backpacks as a souvenir of their experience with Amazon.