Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative

Providing access to large datasets in the cloud can help researchers and innovators address a wide range of sustainability challenges. The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative significantly reduces the cost, time, and technical barriers associated with analyzing large datasets to generate sustainability insights – regardless of an organization’s size or computing power.
  1. Supporting sustainability innovation

    Amazon’s Sustainability Data Initiative uses AWS’s scalable infrastructure to stage, analyze, and distribute data to promote innovation and problem solving for sustainability. The initiative hosts commonly used datasets for free through the AWS Public Datasets and makes these data easily discoverable through a data catalog. The initiative provides access to AWS Cloud Credits for Research to prototype new and existing solutions in the AWS cloud, and also provides technical support to help unblock cloud implementation challenges.
  2. How it works

    Browse through the data available on the Registry of Open Data on AWS. Then request cloud credits for research to prototype your solution in the AWS cloud.

    Be sure to check out the review tutorials and access open-source code.
  3. Data in action

    Amazon customers are doing critical work in the cloud to support sustainability practices.
  4. Learn more

    For additional information about Amazon’s Sustainability Data Initiative contact us.
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