Engaging with kids in the community
Giving locally where we work
At Amazon, we believe in being involved in our community with direct and product donations to nonprofits across Europe. Continue reading
Community engagement
We care deeply about the communities our employees call home. We look for uniquely Amazonian and innovative ways to make positive, lasting impacts and encourage our employees to champion causes they care about.

Community engagement

Discover our 2019 program sharing STEM education to high school students

We are igniting a passion for STEM education with the next generation. This year, we have developed a new series of activities at Lenster Lycee in Luxembourg.

Community engagement

Hugs for a good cause

A hug, or a cuddle, says the president of the Aladina Foundation, Paco Arango, is the best show of affection that we can give away.

In Kind Direct

Donating millions to help children’s charities and other causes across Britain

ELLE Foundation

Amazon supports the training of young designers

Disaster relief support from Amazon

In times of disaster, Amazon has dedicated homepage placement and donated use of our payments technology to the Red Cross in many countries.

Community engagement

Amazon's highest delivery

Amazon Logistics employee goes the extra (300) miles for Himalayan children.

Community engagement

Partnering with In Kind Direct

In Kind Direct welcomes Amazon.co.uk’s record £1.2 million donation of products in 2016 to support over 1,700 charities across the UK.
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