Can you tell us a bit about your career at Amazon?

I joined Amazon in 2012 as a Senior Business Developer in the corporate Gift Card team for France, managing two account managers, in order to scale the gift card business. I spent 5 years in this area of the business while this team was growing and I grew along with it in terms of scope and maturity. I eventually took the role of the Lead of Sales and Marketing teams for France, Italy and Spain. Finally, I added a new business line as well, that of brick and mortar. In October 2017, I had the tremendous opportunity to launch Amazon Business in France. Now I manage a team of 20 people covering the sales, the sales operations, and the marketing functions.

What has helped you succeed here?

I have been successful here because I have been able to grow my scope gradually, adding new bricks to my experience every year and doing so in increasing scopes of roles that I have managed well. I have built my career on stretching my strengths more and more in each role.

What pieces of career advice would you give to other women whose ultimate aspiration is to manage a business or team within the company?

To be successful I think our Learn and Be Curious Leadership Principle is the most important. Amazon offers many great opportunities to learn and grow. I think it is very important to dedicate some time to discover and learn about new businesses, new visions, and new people. It helps to open your mind, get different perspectives, and Be Right, A lot. It is also important to take the time to learn and grow in each role. Furthermore, it is very rewarding to teach and transfer the knowledge and best practices you gain to others. Lastly, it is important to build a strong network within your own organization but also outside of it, as the more you grow, the more your decisions will depend on other teams. So having a large network helps you go faster.

How do you balance a demanding job with your private/family life?

I have two young children, an eight years old boy and a five years old daughter. Amazon is a great place for women leaders because I have the opportunity to adjust the time to my personal events (school events, kids’ events, etc). Most of the time I am able to go home to see my kids and spend the evening with them and my counterparts and stakeholders are very respectful of this.

What out-of-work activities help you disconnect and recharge? How do you find time for these hobbies?

I do a lot of horse riding (2 to 3 times per week), most of the time before going to work early in the morning at 7.30 am. I also join with my colleagues and friends the free gym classes (Pilates and yoga) that are organized in the office by Amazon. There are many sports sessions of every kind organized by Amazon so it is super convenient. No excuses!