Adya is a Sr. Financial Analyst recruited by Amazon about 3 years ago.

“Interacting with the business team on all their ideas truly drive changes in Amazon,” she says.

Adya had very diverse professional experiences in India before beginning a new challenge in Luxembourg. Her role is very close the business, which is not what she expected.

“‘When I was offered the Senior finance analyst role at Amazon, part of me expected to work in the company and sit in a different room separated from the business behind a door marked finance, but it isn’t like that.’

She points out the flexibility and adaptability as major characteristics of life at Amazon, which tries to keep a ‘Day One’ spirit, acting like a start-up.

Besides working as a financial analyst, Adya also participates in Amazon’s Bar raiser program. This means she is very involved in interview panels for a wide variety of roles.

Adya is also active in the Woman in Finance (WiFi) affinity group, which involves mentoring and internal networking events.

These activities all help to recruit and develop strong female talents in finance at Amazon.

If you’re interested in learning more about Adya’s career path, you can watch her discuss working in Finance at Amazon, her experiences with the WiFi (Women in Finance) Network and re-locating to Luxembourg.

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