Riccardo, 31 years old, lives in Castel San Giovanni, located in the province of Piacenza, Italy. “After graduating with a degree in Communications, I started looking for a job right away. Amazon was my first work experience. I was really proud to join the team as a packer,” says Riccardo.

“Witnessing Amazon’s exponential growth not only in Castel San Giovanni but throughout Italy, has been a truly special experience – you sort of feel as though you’re part of an ever-expanding family,” states Riccardo. Since joining the packaging area at Amazon, Riccardo has always worked in the Shipping department. Here, he has come to know shipping in all its facets: “One of the best training experiences I had was in the dock area, working as a shipping clerk. I handled couriers and shipping docs, covering both incoming and outgoing vehicles.”

From Team Lead to Area Manager

In 2014, Riccardo was promoted to Team Lead in his packing and shipment department. Here he gained more in-depth on-the-job training. In 2015, he was promoted again in the same warehouse department, this time as Area Manager. “Being able to grow so quickly was really heartening, and also very gratifying. It’s not easy to find a company that allows you to learn so much, where you can give it your all and then find yourself compensated in terms of professional job growth.”

In 2017, Riccardo led a critical shift in his same department, working alongside the Ops Manager during a peak period. Afterward, he was given responsibility to lead the night shift.

From Proxy Ops to Ops Manager

By the peak period of 2018, Riccardo was given the opportunity to manage the night shift as Proxy Operations “I was given the chance to deliver amazing results and get recognized based on merit,” explains Riccardo. In July 2019, Riccardo received some great news: “Right before the Prime Day peak, I was promoted to Operations Manager. Amazon offers a million opportunities. And you don’t have to be super-specialized; all you have to do is go for it, and show your stuff.” Riccardo speaks highly of his Line managers: “I was fortunate to have managers who believed in my potential and who really encouraged me. I really want to be a person who transmits a positive vibe to our newest team members.”

Curiosity and a willingness to learn

Riccardo highlights one main point: “I believe that being genuinely curious and open to learn were essential factors in my professional growth at Amazon. Every day, I walked into the company and I looked for new input about my job; trying to see how I could go beyond the daily routine. Here, you face new challenges with one single objective: To work as part of a team to achieve results.” At Amazon, there’s always space for new ideas and improvement, and it’s a place where every minimal contribution is essential.

For Riccardo, it doesn’t stop at personal growth either: “The job of a manager is managing your team, not just the volume of orders. As a team player, you’re not only involved in the work, but moreover, on a human level. And for me, that’s the most important part of my professional life.”

Riccardo hopes that his career path is an example for others. Perhaps an inspiration for new employees making their way as he did seven years ago.