A little over a year ago Murat Ates, founder of Ates Logistics GmbH, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and founded Ates Logistics, a trucking company that partners with Amazon to carry loads across Europe. Murat’s company started with just three trucks and he has now expanded his fleet, including nine fully electric heavy goods vehicles (eHGVs). Through the Amazon Freight Partner programme, he built a business he takes pride in, leading a diverse team of 30 drivers, two of whom are women.

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Murat Ates, founder of Ates Logistics GmbH

A married father of two, Murat says his fascination with technology and fast-paced environments led him to the transportation industry: "The chance to incorporate new technologies in such a dynamic industry was a great opportunity," he noted. He started as a resident of Troisdorf with a background in auto parts wholesale management, and now leads his team as they operate a fleet of Volvo eHGVs. “The environment is important to all of us, and we are proud to contribute a small part to it with these electric trucks.”

His team shares his enthusiasm. Daniel Steinbild, a driver from Mönchengladbach with years of experience, is impressed by how silent the electric trucks are: "I feel proud to be one of the first to be driving these e-trucks, I feel I'm part of a significant shift in our industry." Michaela Linke, a driver from Krefeld, echoed this sentiment: "Being part of this change is truly motivating, you know you are doing something for the environment." For Yannic von Hammel, another driver at Ates Logistics, what was most surprising was how powerful and responsive the trucks are: “I was amazed by the power behind it.”

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Michaela Linke
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Daniel Steinbild
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Yannic von Hammel

Amazon began launching its first 20 electric heavy goods vehicles within the Amazon Freight Partner programme in Germany in late 2022. These vehicles are one of the initiatives bringing Amazon closer to decarbonising its fleet and becoming net-zero carbon by 2040, ten years ahead of the goal set by the Paris Agreement.

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Murat attributes a portion of his journey's success to the support from the Amazon Freight Partner programme. "The resources and advanced technology offered by Amazon have been crucial in optimising our operations."

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