The European Commission (EC) has recognised Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly programme as a way to increase the visibility of more-sustainable products among the millions available online.

In an article titled ‘Showing more-sustainable products: Online retailers as part of the solution’ - that features in the ‘Articles and Success Stories’ section of its website - the EC describes how the Climate Pledge Friendly programme highlights items which have received the EU Ecolabel – the EU’s certification for products that have a reduced environmental impact across multiple stages of the product lifestyle. It says:

“… the EU Ecolabel is highlighted, alongside other sustainability certifications, within Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program, designed to help customers discover more-sustainable products. Among products identified through the “Climate Pledge Friendly program”, consumers can now find those awarded the EU Ecolabel, including personal care, cleaning, and paper products. The selection is updated every few weeks and is growing continuously. As part of Climate Pledge Friendly, the EU Ecolabel logo is displayed next to each certified product, and consumers shop for EU Ecolabel products on a dedicated shopping page. Additionally, there is also the option to click through to learn more about the EU Ecolabel program.”

Customers can see the Climate Pledge Friendly logo on more than 550,000 products worldwide to signify that the products have received at least one of more than 50 different certifications that help protect the natural world, including the EU Ecolabel and other third-party certifications such as Nordic Swan Ecolabel, OEKO-TEX Made in Green, and EU Organic.

We share the EU’s objectives to tackle unfounded green claims and support EU customers in making informed shopping choices, and we believe that harmonising ways to substantiate claims will create a level playing field and increase consumer trust in the claims made about products.