“La cosmética de María unites my three passions: family, nature and craft,” explains María Gómez Iribarnegaray, creator, along with her twin sister Alejandra, of La cosmética de María. A year and a half ago, the two of them undertook a business project in artisanal cosmetics. “We’ve created eighteen products, all of them simple, ranging from hair and body care to facial skincare and even lip balms,” Alejandra explains.

Parallel paths

Photo by PakPaxtor
Alejandra Gómez Iribarnegaray smelling forest plants that the sisters use to make the La cosmética de María soap bars.
Photo by PakPaxtor
Alejandra Gómez Iribarnegaray preparing a product.
Photo by PakPaxtor
La cosmética de María has a range of eighteen products.

They were born on the same day, both studied nutrition, and also worked in dietetics. A year and a half ago, they set up an artisanal cosmetics business. “The soaps we made were very popular among our family and friends, so we decided to get together and go into business”, explains María who, after starting a catering business, decided to leave the stoves behind and keep working with her hands, but this time making soaps, shampoos and balms.

And María’s husband, Iñigo Oliver Gutiérrez, has also become involved in the sisters’ business, taking care of the finances.


“Our cosmetics are artisanal and handmade, with natural ingredients free from synthetic additives, and which avoid petroleum derivatives and use environmentally-friendly packaging,” says Alejandra.

Although they’re from Bilbao, they currently work in Villasana de Mena, at their grandmother’s house. It’s in the area surrounding the house that they gather aromatic herbs they use to craft their products. “Our best seller is the shampoo for greasy hair,” María explains. “Each batch of this shampoo consists of eight pieces. We mix the mashed plants with clays, which are activated and then create foam. When it’s all mixed together, the molds are filled and 24 hours later they’re ready”.

Our cosmetics are artisanal and handmade, with natural ingredients.
Alejandra Gómez Iribarnegaray, La cosmética de María

The perfect mix

Just one year ago they embarked on the adventure that is selling on Amazon: “Amazon Handmade is our primary channel and allows us to maintain our essence all the way through,” Alejandra explains. “We produce, package and deliver. Thanks to Amazon, our production keeps on growing”.

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María Gómez Iribarnegaray with the La cosmética de María lip balm.
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María Gómez Iribarnegaray mixing natural products to make a bar of soap
Photo by PakPaxtor
María Gómez Iribarnegaray kneading soap.

During the coronavirus crisis, La cosmética de María has seen its sales grow and the cinnamon and coffee exfoliating soap has been at the peak of the growth curve. “For the past year we’ve been growing and growing,” says Iñigo.

Convenience for the traveler

“For us, as very frequent travelers, it was really important for all our products to be solid”, Alejandra explains. And this is one of the characteristics that differentiates La cosmética de María from the rest.

Looking to the future, María and Alejandra are focused on continuing this growth, but always, as María explains, with a goal in mind: “We want our customers to enjoy using our products just as much as we enjoy making them.”