Alain de Campos, born in Senegal and raised in Nîmes, came to the business world by chance. An unfortunate chance: "It was my best friend Frédéric Robert Mounier who created Earbay. In April 2013, he asked me to take part in the first demonstration of his products in Paris. The room was packed with more than 150 people, mostly professionals and music lovers. But that day my friend didn't arrive, "explains Alain.

"I called him again and again on his cell phone. Finally it was the forensic pathologist who picked up and told me my friend had diedof a sudden heart attack on the way to the demo." Although shocked by this tragic news, Alain found the strength to direct the demonstration because "the show must go on."

"I'm a musician, not a businessman"

Some time later, his friend's wife asked him to take over Earbay. Unsure at first, Alain finally decided to carry the torch, and made it his mission to bring Earbay products to the world. To help him in his efforts, Alain chose to use Amazon's marketplace. "Amazon's marketplace has helped me to give visibility to my product. I was able to sell it. Having a job next door, it's great to have a service like that. "

For each product sold on Amazon, Alain donates a percentage to AuditionSolidarité, an association that recycles hearing aids and educates musicians to take care of their ears. "It's very important to me," explains Alain, the association's ambassador. Because of his trade, he is particularly concerned about the risks of exposure to excessive noise without protection: "I have had tinnitus", noises heard in the head or in the ears, very common in the elderly, as well as among young people exposed to music that's too loud. "It's important to protect ourselves so we can continue to enjoy music."

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