Kräutermax is a company from Ried in Upper Austria, looking back on almost 130 years of experience with the power of herbs - an approach that is still very much on trend.

At the core of the business is the store in Ried which has been in business since 1890. This is where you can buy the herbal essences which are based on recipes that have been passed down through the family for years and decades. Trained drugstore assistants offer individual and professional advice on-site.

“Now as much as in the past, people long for natural ingredients that are good for you," says Christoph Zauner, owner of Kräutermax.

Herbs are one of the best things that Mother Nature has given us.
Christoph Zauner, owner of Kräutermax

At Kräutermax customers find teas, spices, nutritional supplements, remedies and syrups, as well as natural cosmetics that are to be used from head to toe. The various products are based on Kräutermax’ own traditional family recipes .

Innovation based on tradition

In addition to newer products such as the Hyaloron eye cream or an aloe vera gel consisting of 97 percent leaf juice, some of the more than 100 year old recipes are still popular among the customers, such as a concentrated herbal syrup that can be taken as a cough remedy, or the so-called Swedish bitter which promises relief after heavy eating.

Kräutermax also available on Amazon

Fans of herbal remedies can buy their favorite products directly from the store in Ried or from one of the resellers in stationary retail in Austria. Outside Austria, Kräutermax products are sold at Amazon.

"We are delighted that our products are becoming more and more well-known abroad, too,” says Zauner. "Since we started selling online, we have been able to significantly increase our sales.”

By the way, the name Kräutermax also has a double meaning. On the one hand, it means maximum herbal power. But it also goes back to Zauner's grandfather, Max Neuhofer, who launched the Kräutermax brand in 1959.

The combination of old herbal wisdom and modern research - that is the recipe for success which the long-established company would like to attract customers with in the future, too. "Herbs are one of the best things that Mother Nature has given us," says Zauner.