At the end of July, many excited candidates, coaches and experts gathered in Munich to engage in lively discussions at the Female Entrepreneurs of the Future 2019 regional meeting.

Patron Judith Williams joined the meeting as well. "The digital age offers so many opportunities, we just have to seize them," she said, encouraging the candidates to continue working on expanding their digital businesses. As a successful entrepreneur, Judith Williams knows exactly what she is talking about when she urges the candidates: "You should ask yourself every day: 'Where am I, what have I reached so far, where am I going?' - because the biggest investment, the greatest company you will ever run, is you.” According to the TV star, it is vital to trust one’s gut feeling in the constant process of self-reflexion and self-improvement. “We all depend on each other, no matter how high you go or how deep you fall,” she concluded her passionate keynote speech, underlining the core of the support program: Cooperation and solidarity.

With high motivation and girl power at its best, the candidates proved in the subsequent workshops that they take her advice seriously. They kept asking themselves the same question: "What do I want to achieve?” Soon it became clear that all of them want to go far. Almost two months after the last regional meeting in Berlin, they can be proud of their results. For example, candidate Susanne Richter from Sanni Shoo is having a 15 percent increase in sales per month. She says: "A lot is happening right now, thanks to my taking part in Amazon Launchpad, the chance to sell my products abroad and numerous blogger cooperations.” Yet, she does not want to rest on her laurels: "The most important thing now is to gain the trust of customers, because that is not for sale," says Richter, referring to the cornerstone of her success.

Female Entrepreneurs of the Future in Munich: the success story goes on - conference room

Anette Haverkamp-Peiß, founder of EMMA-Eventing, is among the three female entrepreneurs who started exporting their products via Amazon and now ships them in over 16 countries outside Germany. "I am now selling my products for pets to customers in the UK, France, Spain and Italy – it feels great," she says. And her plans for internationalization have only just begun. Christiane Hübner also shares some of her successes: "My Amazon brand shop is now online – with 133 products. In addition, I now have received personnel support and implemented an editorial plan for Instagram," says the founder of renna deluxe, presenting her recent highlights.

The female entrepreneurs’ progress proves that they are on the right track. In Munich, the participants faced their current challenges with courage and curiosity. Is there any better winning formula in the digital economy?

With the joint initiative Female Entrepreneurs of the Future, the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs, Global Digital Women, BRIGITTE Academy and Amazon are for the second time supporting the owners and managers of companies who want to expand their stationary business with the start of online trading or expand their existing online presence. The core of the program is the individual support of all participants by expert coaches - all of them experienced company founders, e-commerce experts, Amazon retailers or bloggers.

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