Prime Day is around the corner. This July 12-13, Prime members in 20 countries around the world will have access to deals on everything from top national brands to products from third-party sellers. We are prepared to deliver so Amazon customers get what they want, when they want it, this Prime Day—and every day.

We have spent more than two decades building and investing in an operations and transportation network that is nimble and prepared for shopping events like Prime Day and the holiday rush. This year, we are as prepared as ever so customers can enjoy a great experience, from the time they click “Buy Now” to the moment items show up to their doorsteps.

Below are some of the ways we provide a fast, free delivery experience for customers on Prime Day and every day.

We now offer the largest-ever selection of items for fast, free shipping for Prime members.

This includes the many deals that will go live throughout Prime Day–from fashion and electronics to toys and home. We now offer same-day delivery in 17 countries around the world, including more than 140 metro areas in the U.S. and Europe, and we deliver many of these packages within hours of purchase.

We also strive to make the return experience as easy as possible. We provide convenient, free return options where customers can return packages at select Whole Foods Markets, Kohl’s, and UPS stores with just the item (no box or label required) and a QR code.

We are working to ensure we have a wide selection in stock for customers.

We continue to focus on ordering items in advance and ensuring that those products are closer to customers, so they have a vast selection to choose from. We have the right products in the right places throughout the year, including important shopping moments like Prime Day. We have also invested in state-of-the-art technology in fulfillment centers to help meet customer demand, improve efficiency, and advance the safety and experience of employees around the world. This includes the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to move and store packages across the floor, computer vision systems to assist in the sortation and labelling processes, and machine learning to move millions of packages each day.

Our network of trucks, trains, aircraft, and—most importantly—people help get customers their Prime Day orders.

With more than 30 sortation centers, and 250 delivery stations across Europe, we are ready to get packages to customers this Prime Day. At the center of it all is our passionate employees across the operations network. Around the world, they make big shopping and shipping moments like Prime Day possible. That’s why we work to provide them leading compensation and benefits, including an average starting pay of over $18 an hour, health insurance, ways to save money for retirement, and up to 20 weeks of paid family leave.

We are proud of how we will deliver for customers this Prime Day, but will never stop innovating, learning, and building to ensure that ours continues to be the safest and most agile delivery network possible. We put the safety of employees and partners before everything–every day, in every operation, across every country. We have invested more than $1 billion in safety technology in delivery vans, driver training programs, rate card increases, and continuous improvements so that drivers deliver safely and seamlessly, and with the support they need from Amazon. Thanks to our in-vehicle safety technology, accidents have decreased by nearly half since 2021.

Thanks to all of the employees and partners around the world who work to delight customers every day, including this Prime Day.