We work on many different initiatives as part of our « Amazon In the Community » program.

There are two key goals: help underprivileged children and their families, and help the broader student community succeed in today’s society and the digital world.

This year at our European HQ in Luxembourg, we are partnering with Caritas to support underprivileged families feel integrated into the local cultural and social environment.

We recently brought refugee families and Amazonian volunteers together to try out ice-skating. For most of the families, it was the first time to discover a winter sport.

Amazon in the community takes refugees ice skating

It’s just the latest in a series of activities in recent months and we have much more to come.

Last September, we organized a Back to School campaign allowing children of refugees who recently arrived in Luxembourg to prepare the new school year.

For the first time in December 2017, refugee families in Luxembourg were able to discover the traditional St. Nicholas celebration as part of local Christmas festivities. Caritas organized the party and we collaborated offering toys to the children and Kindles to the families.

And in January 2018, we supported women refugees bags, books and stationery for their local education classes.

You can click on the community section to know more about how we work with local organizations across Europe where we have corporate offices, development centers, and our fulfillment centers.

Our European HQ is based in Luxembourg, with more than 1,500 Amazonians spread across three locations in the city.

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