Students of Lënster Lycée enjoyed a virtual mentoring session with Luxembourg Amazonians. The discussion was shaped around three topics. First, Amazon Web Services (AWS), recruiter Magdalena Gutkowska presented our recruitment process from the interview stage to Day One. She also shared valuable tips on career choice. Next, Celine Biette-Danielli, from the Amazon transportation team explained the value of the transportation chain from when orders are packed to when the customers get their order delivered. Last, but not least, Dominique Duval, Director of Strategic Alliances at AWS explained to the students what the ‘Cloud’ is about, while highlighting the importance of artificial intelligence in the future.

We ended the session with a panel discussion that included all the presenters debating topics related to career choices: Amazon’s working culture, international experiences, working from home during the pandemic, work life harmony and all kinds of stories about the panelists’ journey at Amazon.

The pandemic meant we had to take a different approach to normal. We offered students a remote setup for the first time and focused on a theoretical, rather than a practical, session. You can check our blog or corporate website for more details.

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