During a typical delivery route this December, Costantino had to deliver a parcel to San Vittore prison that had been rejected by the security service of the prison. After discovering the contents of the package, he decided not to give up and try again. He returned to the prison gates, explaining that the parcel contained a gift for the inmates of the women's section, the sender of which was a SkyTg24 journalist Mariangela Pira. The journalist had sent free copies of her latest book "Il Mondo Nuovo".

"As soon as I informed the customer of the rejected delivery I sensed a lot of disappointment in her voice and when she explained that the box contained complimentary copies of her book, I wanted to give it another try," explains Costantino. "I didn't want a gift from the heart to be lost. Perhaps for those who are not familiar with our work, this may seem unusual, but every day my colleagues and I do our utmost to deliver each package". Inspired by his attitude, Mariangela Pira thanked Costantino for his commitment on her social media channels.

Solidarity initiative at the San Vittore prison

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This small act from one person which contributed to the happiness of many inspired Amazon. Amazon asked for the permission to organize an event within the prison walls, where Costantino met the inmates in person and gifted them Kindle devices as Christmas presents that Amazon prepared on behalf of Costantino. On top of that, Amazon offered a financial donation to the prison to support activities in the women's section.

Mariangela Pira attended the meeting as well, talking about her career and engaging in a stimulating discussion with the gathered audience.

"We thank Amazon for this wonderful initiative, that brings forward the importance of attentive recognition of people around us and the value of situations where a simple gesture can have the power to bring strength and courage to persevere in the face of even the biggest challenges. We applaud Costantino for his exceptional attitude and contribution, and Mariangela Pira for joining the meeting and devoting her time to people who have often been marginalized”, commented the Director of San Vittore Prison, Giacinto Siciliano.

“At Amazon, we commit in our everyday work to building a culture of inclusion, diversity and equality”, said Marco Ferrara, Director, Delivery Service Partner Program of Amazon Logistics in Italy. “I direct special thanks to Mariangela Pira who accepted our invitation without hesitation, to Director Giacinto Siciliano for hosting us, and above all to Costantino, whose thoughtfulness and sense of responsibility made this possible".

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