At Amazon, we believe the excitement of reading should be shared by everyone. That's why we donate devices — we love igniting that excitement of reading among students.In Luxembourg nearby our European HQ, we partnered with a local school to run a writing competition. Children aged between 6 -12 submitted stories and poems for entry into their class competitions.

Es ist mir egal, ob ich gewonnen habe oder nicht, denn es hat mir sehr viel sehr sehr sehr viel Spaß gemacht (I don’t mind if I’ve won or not, I’ve just had lots and lots of fun)

In total 9 students each won a Kindle Paperwhite and a €50 gift certificate to build their online bookshelf. In addition, 6 Kindles were donated to the school library along with a €250 gift certificate.

The Kindle e-reader is designed specifically for reading, with no distractions for kids. Thousands of books can be accessed for free, and children can look up the meaning of words as they read to build their vocabulary,