Amazon customers and employees have contributed more than €35 million to global relief programs since 2001. Thank you for your support.

2001: €6.1 million contributed for 9/11 relief in the U.S.

2004: €13.9 million contributed for tsunami relief in South and Southeast Asia

2005: €11 million contributed for Hurricane Katrina relief in the U.S.

2008: €139,000 contributed for Cyclone Nargis relief in Myanmar and earthquake relief in China

2010: More than €660,000 contributed for earthquake relief in Haiti

2011: More than €1.6 million contributed for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan.

2012: More than €380,000 contributed for Hurricane Sandy relief in the U.S.

2013: More than €283,000 contributed for Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines

2015: More than €250,000 contributed to relief efforts for the earthquake in Nepal

We also have an ongoing campaign, in collaboration with the Red Cross organisations in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain, to support their refugee crisis fund-raising.