Exploratory Labs
Our volunteers are offering students many kinds of digital workshops. These include, for example, how to create websites using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and building web pages, identifying where videos are stored, and playing the video from the web page.

Singh Brajendra, AWS partner solution architect, explains the different steps before creating a webpage

Mentorship program
We also launched our new mentorship program. Teaming up with the HR recruiting team for Amazon Web Services, we organized workshops for 16-18 years old students so they can look for a job using social media.

Our HR partners suggested tips on how to write a resume and get prepared for interviews. They also gave insights on how to use social media to do a job research.

School Open Day
Teams from AWS joined the school open day to explain what they do on a daily basis in their roles.
With the students, they also built a DeepRacer racetrack, our autonomous model car to show them how we use advanced machine learning techniques.

Student learning how to use the deepracer car
4 members of the AWS Team at the Lenster Lycée