Before the inauguration of our new European Headquarters in Luxembourg, we invited a class of enthusiastic pupils to a behind the scene creative workshop.

The kids were all students from the local Luxembourgish school, Schoul an der Dällt.

Children at Amazon workshop at LUX EU HQ
The workshop begins and kids unboxing their package of drawing tools.
Children wearing vests and helmets at the tour of Amazon EU HQ in Luxembourg
The tour of the new Amazon EU HQ in Luxembourg
Local school kids at the tour of Amazon EU HQ.
Local school kids touring Amazon's new EU HQ in Luxembourg.
The drawing of one of the kids, about a man wearing yellow vest and glasses.
From the drawing workshop
The drawing of a student that says Gepasst! with red exclamation point in a triangle and yellow robot.
From the drawing workshop
From the drawing workshop.
From the drawing workshop

They all wore work life jacket as well as a helmet to get ready for the educational tour of the brand new building. They also watched some special animation showing the construction process of the building before they started a guided tour. Afterwards they drew what they had seen and were encouraged to use their imagination. Finally they got a lesson in software development and coding from one of our our InTech experts.

The new offices will welcome more than a thousand Amazonians. At our European HQ, we now have over 2,000 full-time Amazonians, up more than 500 in a year.

We also have a team from Amazon Web Services, Amazon devices like the Echo and Kindle along with support services, such as human resources, legal and finance for our activities.