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Violent rainstorms have devastated several areas of Italy over the past few days, tragically affecting Emilia-Romagna in particular, where flooding and landslides have resulted in fatalities, left thousands of families homeless, and caused significant damage to homes and road infrastructure, both of which are necessary for the prompt delivery of aid.

According to the latest available data, over 100 towns are impacted in the region, and more than 36,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

Amazon has made a donation of 20,000 euros to the Italian Red Cross, which has supported relief operations and evacuation of the population since the floods started.

As we continue to monitor the unfolding situation, we are doing everything we can to help the impacted families and the communities where our employees live. We are in constant contact with local organisations to understand the needs of the affected groups and support them as best as we can.

The safety of our employees and those of delivery service providers is our top priority. Since the beginning of the emergency, we have carefully monitored the situation and have complied with all instructions provided by the local authorities to ensure people can operate safely. Our employees from the most impacted areas were given paid leave permits, while we asked our delivery providers to cancel transits to those areas.

We know that our employees want to help, which is why we have also activated an internal fundraising campaign to support the Red Cross’ relief efforts.