Amazon and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the United Nations’ leading intergovernmental organisation in the field of migration, signed an agreement to support vulnerable communities across the world through product donations, volunteering, and disaster relief response and preparedness.

Abe Diaz, principal technical product manager for Disaster Relief by Amazon, shares how his team helps communities after hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters.

“Natural disasters and emergencies have devastating impacts on people—usually overnight. Bringing together as many partners as possible, especially international development institutions and the private sector, has proven to be an effective way to assist those affected by these crises,” said Abe Diaz, head of Amazon Disaster Relief. “This partnership will allow us to address challenges together and create opportunities that transcend borders in order to help communities around the world.”

In addition to Amazon’s inventory, infrastructure, and technology, which can be used to provide quick help to communities impacted by disasters, this agreement allows Amazon and IOM to support migrants through upskilling and employment opportunities, establishing a comprehensive framework and structure for ethical recruitment structures that prioritise fairness, transparency, and respect for migrants’ rights. Currently, Amazon’s Welcome Door program offers resources and support—such as a citizenship assistance portal, free legal support, and mentorship—for refugee and humanitarian-based immigrant employees and the companies that welcome them. Through this partnership, IOM will provide its expertise in this domain to explore avenues of collaboration in several areas, including refugee integration, professional upskilling, and promotion of equal and inclusive recruitment practices that help guarantee that all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, have equal access to opportunities within the tech industry.

Representatives from Amazon and IOM sign an agreement and shake hands.
Rocco Bräuniger, VP, country manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and EU expansion countries shakes hands with Amy Pope, director general of IOM.

Long-standing successful partnership

For the past two years, IOM and Amazon have partnered on disaster preparedness, emergency relief, and capacity building. Both organisations have also intensified their cooperation in the fields of in-kind donation, pro bono logistics, volunteering, and expertise sharing. Here are some examples of this collaboration:

  • Product donations for refugee populations across Europe—Amazon has donated to IOM nearly $7.1 million (6.5 million euros)-worth of essential items and supported the distribution of critically needed products to support the incoming refugee population and forcefully displaced people arriving in Europe, primarily victims of disasters and humanitarian crises, such as the war in Ukraine.
  • Support after earthquakes in TĂĽrkiye and Syria—In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck both countries in February, Amazon provided IOM with logistics support and donated more than $1.6 million (1.5 million euros)-worth of essential items, ensuring that the supplies were delivered to families who lost their homes in the affected areas.
  • Volunteering events—Amazon and IOM partner in the organisation of volunteer packing events, which have involved hundreds of Amazon employees in the packaging of thousands of hygiene and comfort kits to be distributed among displaced people across Europe.

Community support through logistics and technology

Millions of people around the world are impacted every year by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Amazon provides disaster relief and response efforts by using the company’s global logistics capabilities to provide the fastest, most effective aid. These strengths enable Amazon to ship much-needed items to communities as soon as possible after a natural disaster. Since 2017, Amazon has filled cargo jets and shipped truckloads with more than 23 million relief items to support people impacted by more than 115 disasters around the world. Furthermore, Amazon has made it easy for customers to donate products through the company’s online stores.

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