Following a live presentation of street art at the Rome Termini subway station, Amazon Lockers have become a dynamic urban landmark. From small towns to big cities, at Amazon we have a role to play in making positive impact for customers and how we engage with local communities. Rome is no exception. To make things more convenient for the city’s residents, Amazon Lockers were installed in a popular area, the Rome Termini subway station. Receiving a package is now more convenient than ever before, with customers able to simply pick up their item while on the go. To celebrate the improvement of this customer service experience, we engaged a local Italian street artist, Luca Font, to transform the Lockers and make them a cultural destination.

The initiative

Luca transformed Termini station into an unique urban art project, inspired by the dynamism and vitality that flows inside the subways of every large metropolis. The artist created his work during a live painting event in front of spectators, including local city officials, students, curious tourists and passers-by.

This community gathering also presented the perfect opportunity to announce our donation to the Retake Rome association, in support of their urban regeneration activities across many Italian cities, starting with a Roman school not far from Termini station. Retake is a local non-profit group of residents working to improve urban spaces through regeneration projects involving hundreds of people. Students from the Archimede High School will take part in a revitalization initiative right inside their school walls. Under the artistic direction of Luca they will create a street artwork piece to decorate and revive the internal look of the school.

Thanks to the inspiration and unique style of the contemporary artist Luca Font, customers passing through Termini station will be able to use the Amazon Locker service in an even more engaging way, designed to allow customers to pick up or return their online purchases in a convenient and secure way, even while on the go.
"We're very proud to have brought our Amazon Locker service to Rome's metro network as well. Working in synergy with Agenzia del trasporto autoferrotranviario del Comune di Roma (ATAC), we share the goal of offering convenient and secure solutions, aimed at making life as easy as possible for those who choose us. We always try to be close to our customers and simplify their daily lives. For us, thinking about customers also means supporting local initiatives." said Stefano Tedesco, head of Amazon Lockers Italy.

Thanks to Italian street artist Luca Font, the Amazon Lockers at Rome's Termini station has been converted into an exclusive urban art project, inspired by the dynamism and vitality that flows within the subways of every major city.

“It is a source of great pride to bring our pick-up service to the capital’s subway network,” remarked Stefano Tedesco, Head of Amazon Lockers Italy. “Working in tandem with agenzia del trasporto autoferrotranviario del comune (ATAC), we share in the goal of delivering convenient and secure solutions aimed at making life as easy as possible for those who choose us. We always try to stay close to our customers, to simplify their daily lives, without forgetting the communities in which we operate. For us, thinking about customers also means providing support to local initiatives. Here, we have identified the ideal partner: the Retake Association, who share our view of improving people’s lives".

Rebecca Spitzmiller, founder of Retake Roma, said: “Our mission is centered on the regeneration of urban areas. We believe that reviving and restoring public spaces and buildings is a powerful tool for increasing citizens' awareness of the importance of having a shared common good while increasing civic pride. Thanks to Amazon's support, we have the opportunity to work with students, using street art in a positive way and bringing to life new ways to raise awareness of the need to get involved in the care and respect for public areas".

A better customer experience

Thanks to Luca Font’s artwork, customers passing through Termini station will use the Amazon Locker service - designed to allow customers to retrieve or return their online purchases in a convenient, flexible and secure way that is even more engaging. And, thanks to the collaboration with ATAC, since launching last December, Amazon Lockers have been installed in 21 subways stations, allowing even more customers to access this incredible service.