Anna graduated from four university majors, including an MBA in logistics and supply chain management. While expanding her knowledge, she simultaneously worked her way up the career ladder at Amazon. She joined the company, taking a managerial position in 2014. At that time, she managed the work of 150 people. 8 years later, she stands at the head of Amazon's robotic logistics center in Swiebodzin. She shared her interesting story and thoughts with us. We encourage you to read it!

Anna Kaczynska decided to work at Amazon because she felt like an explorer, and further development was key to her professional satisfaction.

"Before I started working at Amazon, I felt that I couldn't develop anymore, and I really wanted to. It was a lucky coincidence that the company was starting its operations in Poland at that time – in 2014 – and I found it a good opportunity to learn something and gain new competences. From my perspective, Amazon is undoubtedly an organization that emphasizes employees' strengths and shows how they can use them on their career path".

Mentoring program as a chance for continuous development

Anna has always focused on broadening her competences and learning new things. That's why she has completed several courses of study, including a bachelors’ degree in administration and law, a master's degree in quality management, a postgraduate degree in communications, and an MBA in logistics and supply chain management.

"All of the majors I have completed are very useful in my daily work. Thanks to this knowledge I have better understanding of the business, and it is easier for me to ask the right questions. Working at Amazon has made me feel comfortable in areas that I haven't done well in before, and in addition I can even develop others in those areas. I also feel that my understanding of the business is broader and more comprehensive every day."

She is passionate about finding new solutions, which is greatly supported by the mentoring program created at Amazon.

"My professional competence and promotions have been influenced by many factors, including of course my superiors and others who have supported me every step of the way, but also mentors. With few of them I have worked for over 5 years now and continue to find topics that positively impact my development. I currently consult with two mentors. They are Polish but work in the European structures of our company.

Working with robots – another step on the development path

Although the robotic logistics center in Swiebodzin was opened in 2021, Anna has already been working with this technology for 4 years, among others in Kolbaskowo, near Szczecin. Amazon Robotics technology supports daily operational processes and has a positive impact on ergonomics and safety for all employees.

"Working for 4 years with Amazon Robotics technology, I have learned many important things, such as how these mechanisms work, how they support everyday work, how we should manage them and how to use their full potential. From my perspective, this technology can inspire people to further familiarize themselves with the processes and delve deeper into the logistical operations performed in a robotic center. It reminds me a bit of a strategy game, because we can learn new skills when using it, including logistics process analysis."

Join Amazon!

Anna, as an experienced manager, is willing to give valuable advice to people who think about connecting their professional future with Amazon. She points out – curiosity about the world and people – as the key to development.

"From my perspective, the most important advice is to show curiosity from the very beginning – ask a lot of questions and try to understand all the processes in the organization. In my opinion, it is also important to be prepared for different kinds of situations that will develop us in the long run. To look at them optimistically and treat them as an opportunity for development.”

Do you like Anna's story? You can also plan your career path together with Amazon! Join the group of Amazon employees in Poland. The company has already created 25 000 permanent jobs in our country.

The company also offers additional benefits such as private medical care, free transport to work on selected routes, free hot meals during holidays or private health insurance. In addition, associates working at Amazon for more than a year have access to an innovative program called "Career Choice" under which they can receive subsidies for educational purposes. For 4 years, Amazon covers up to 95% of costs of professional trainings chosen by employees.

Thanks to this, Amazon Fulfillment Poland is a valued employer on the market – the company was awarded the title of Top Employer 2022. The certificate is a confirmation of Amazon's commitment to employees of logistics centers. The quality of work environment, development opportunities for employees and high standards and good HR practices were appreciated.

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