Have you ever wondered who are the people working “behind the screen” every day at Amazon? Millions of customers visit the Amazon.it website every day to find new products, from a pair of sports runners to the latest bread-machine. Here's the background story - one of those people who help make Amazon possible.

Sara Caleffi is a manager in Amazon’s Milan office. A former engineer and consultant, she now manages the Italian Marketplace team, the platform allowing anybody to sell their products online.

“It is nice to know that our work enables several young people to start up their own business activity,” she says. Sara’s team offers support to thousands of sellers across Italy who use the online selling platform.

However, if you ask Sara what her most important job is, she has no doubt: Being the mother to a 2-year-old girl. “Being a woman, a mother and a manager is like having three jobs”, she told us, “but it is so rewarding. I think every woman can be fulfilled, both in the working environment and at home, if she manages to build an adequate support network”.

What is Sara’s day like at the Amazon office? Click on the video to find out.