"From day one, Amazon has supported us to ensure our business meets all operational requirements. We use the technology that Amazon provides and it helps us with route management," explains Ayari.

Launched in 2018, Amazon's DSP program empowers entrepreneurs like Ayari to build their own delivery companies, and is part of Amazon’s long-standing commitment to support small businesses. Ayari has set up his business with his wife.

A family business

Ayari and his wife who originate from Tunisia founded the DSP Elhab, in 2018. "We started this company a few years ago thanks to the idea of my wife who had been working in the logistics and transportation sector for years." Elhab now delivers parcels on behalf of Amazon and operates from the delivery station in Parma, launched in 2020.

Over the months Ayari and his wife have been watching Elhab become more successful – delivery by delivery: "We believed in this company from the beginning, and working alongside Amazon has allowed our business to grow from 0 to 65 permanent employees".

Technology to support employees

Teresa has been a delivery associate at Elhab since October 2020 and is very familiar with the innovative delivery technology provided by Amazon. "The technology supports me with working at my own pace because the routes are established from the first delivery to the last," Teresa explains.

The job as a delivery driver came as an unexpected opportunity as Teresa was having a difficult period in her life: "I lost my job due to the pandemic, which forced me to move back to my parents’ house. After sending out numerous applications, I got a phone interview with Ayari. Thanks to my nine years of experience as a mail carrier, I got accepted and now I am officially an Elhab driver." A change of fortune for Teresa, who regained economic independence and moved into her own house with her son.

There are several aspects that Teresa appreciates about her job. But there is one thing that she enjoys the most: "I love driving! It gives me a sense of freedom. And as I drive the various routes, I listen to music and sing!" she says with a smile. "And it's great to see people's reaction when they receive an important delivery they've been eagerly waiting for."

Amazon is investing in the future – constantly finding new ways to empower its small and medium sized delivery partners to succeed. Learn more about Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program and delivery driver opportunities near you.

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