They made use of the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program and created their own delivery companies.

In logistics, the last mile is the final step of the logistics process, where the customer receives their order at home on time. And this is exactly where new opportunities arise for entrepreneurs like Alejandra, CEO of Click&Home Logistics, and Mari, CEO of Save Delivery. Their companies deliver packages on behalf of Amazon.

Picture of Alejandra, Delivery Service Partner
Alejandra Cardona, CEO of Click&Home Logistics
Picture of Alejandra, Delivery Service Partner
Alejandra Cardona, CEO of Click&Home Logistics
Picture of Mari, Delivery Service Partner
Mari Gutiérrez, CEO of Save Delivery
Delivery partners - picture with Italian and Spanish partner companies
Mari Gutiérrez, CEO of Save Delivery

More than a year ago, both decided to join the logistics sector in Spain, through Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner entrepreneurship program (available in several EU countries). Alejandra and Mari currently operate delivery service providers with more than 60 employees each.

Two roads with the same destination

"When I joined Amazon, I never imagined that this would be my first step towards entrepreneurship," Alejandra says. At only 34 years of age, this is not the first time that the native from Almeria (South of Spain) has started from scratch. When she was 28, she went to Germany to become a medical nurse. Despite her permanent job, she decided to leave everything behind to follow her husband to Barcelona where she started working in a fulfillment center. "I was an Amazon associate when I discovered the DSP program and I didn't hesitate to apply for it. Amazon offers you economic facilities to start your own company". Furthermore, she recalls how excited she was to return to Andalucía and assures that Seville stole her heart after just one year. "In October 2020, Click&Home Logistics made its first delivery. At that time, we were a team of five." Today Alejandra manages a company with 77 employees.

Meet Alejandra, Amazon DSP from Andalucía

In 2017, Mari and her partner went from Cádiz in the South of Spain to Bilbao in the North. In search of work, she started at an Amazon delivery station: "In a year and a half I learned a lot, I became a supervisor and discovered my passion for logistics". A fact that changed her life, says the Cadiz native. In September 2020, Mari returned to Cadiz and became an entrepreneur with Safe Delivery, her own delivery service provider. With Safe Delivery, Mari and her team deliver parcels on behalf of Amazon: "I have worked in supermarkets and I never imagined having my own business. I am very happy and I love my job".

This is Mari, an Amazon delivery service partner from Andalucía

The success of the team

Alejandra is clear about the success of Click&Home Logistics: "My team is made up of people who did not come from the logistics world. It was a challenge to convince all the members one by one of what has become a large family today." Mari says that team management has been the most difficult challenge she faced in the past year.

Both assure that they are experiencing a very exciting journey. Their future goals are to establish and grow the business projects which they started a little more than twelve months ago. "The customers increasingly trust Amazon, and its development favors the success of my company," says Alejandra.

"Looking back, I can't believe everything that has happened in just over two years. Returning to my homeland and leading Save Delivery, my delivery company, is a dream," says Mari.

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