As part of our commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040, Amazon is exploring a variety of transportation innovations to make Amazon deliveries more sustainable: alternative fuel vehicles, improving routing technology, increasing efficiencies in our network planning as well as expanding a variety of alternative modes of transportation to reduce the emissions from road travel.

Year of the Rail 2021

“We run a pan-European logistics network and have buildings across Europe, so rail is an optimal choice for Amazon when moving goods over longer distances,” explains Boris Timm, head of Intermodal at Amazon. “We generally look for rail connections as close to our buildings as possible, as well as the combination of rail with other more sustainable transportation means, like alternative fuel vehicles or short sea routes”.

Amazon is working with carrier partners to expand its European rail network, and currently runs dozens of routes that connect destinations across Europe. Last year alone, Amazon transported three times more loads between its buildings using rail. In Europe, the company predominantly uses rail for inventory transfers between fulfillment centers.

“We are working hard drive down our carbon emissions but we cannot do it alone,” continues Boris. “That is why we support the designation of 2021 as the Year of Rail and its purpose of promoting rail as a sustainable, innovative and safe mode of transport across Europe.”