Amazon confirmed its commitment to supporting the Italian economy through its Piano Italia by announcing that it will create 3,000 permanent jobs in Italy by the end of the year. This will take the company’s total workforce to over 17,000, up from 14,000 at the end of 2021, in more than 50 locations across Italy.

"I’m proud to confirm our commitment to support the Italian economy with the creation 3,000 new permanent jobs in our country by the end of the year”, says Mariangela Marseglia, Country Manager at and “Amazon has become a major job creator in Italy offering a wide range of good, stable and well rewarded opportunities in the company across the country. It’s particularly important to underline that these are quality jobs, as certified in 2021 and confirmed in 2022 by the Top Employers Institute, which acknowledges the quality of workplaces, the training opportunities and the career plans offered to employees in Italy”.

According to a study by The European House - Ambrosetti, which analyzed large companies in Italy, Amazon is one of the private companies that has created the most jobs in Italy over the last 10 years in absolute terms (between 2011 and 2020). Since the opening of back in 2010 Amazon has created, on average, 26 permanent jobs a week in Italy.

All Amazon employees are paid a competitive salary from day one. In 2021, thanks to the wage increase which is part of Amazon regular salary review, the starting pay in our fulfillment centers was €1,680/month, 8% above standard wages set by the National Contract for the Transport and Logistics industry.

Moreover, employees receive a comprehensive benefits package, including a retirement savings plan and healthcare, medical and life insurance, and great career and upskilling opportunities. These include innovative programs like Career Choice, that provides employees with funding for professional training and tuition up to a value of €8,000 over four years to gain new skills to support them when pursuing their career at Amazon or elsewhere, in high-demand occupations such as manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

Amazon has also created good quality jobs in places where they are scarce. Amazon employs 5,000 people with permanent roles in the centre and south of Italy, and hundreds of new jobs will be created in these areas over the next three years. In 2022 Amazon has already opened a new fulfillment center in Ardea and will open another one in San Salvo Chieti later this year, that will generate 1,200 permanent jobs in three years.

The vast majority of Amazon employees live in the communities that surround each site, and many of them grew up in those communities. Job opportunities with Amazon make a big difference for entire communities where there are limited options for many people to earn a living, offering careers within an advanced retail and technology business.

In addition to the growth of various Amazon business units, a prominent role in the creation of new jobs is played by the ongoing investment in logistics and cloud infrastructures across the country to support the digital transformation of the Italian economy and the online sales of Italian SMEs in Italy and abroad.

Amazon recently announced its pledge to support the 18.000+ Italian SMEs selling on Amazon – who created more than 50,000 jobs in Italy – in reaching €1.2 billion in annual export sales by 2025 – doubling the 2020 export value – in a move that will contribute to the objectives of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) while offering wider availability of Italian original products to customers all over the world.

Empowering smaller companies is at the core of what Amazon does, with more than half of all annual sales on Amazon coming from SMEs. Talented people passionate about supporting Italian SMBs can apply for different open roles such as Head of Amazon Business - Seller Services, Sr Program Mgr Seller Experience or 3P Operations Manager. The company is also hiring for roles in software development, marketing, finance or research into future technologies, as well as for the picking and shipping of goods. The range of qualifications is broad and reflects the skills in our communities: some of those activities do not require formal qualifications, others require extensive experience in cutting-edge research such as the positions of Hardware Integration Engineer - Advanced Technologies or Product Support Engineer in the Amazon Robotics Global Safety and Support (GSS) Team.

Amazon pays the utmost attention to the needs of its employees, offering them stable and well-paid professional opportunities in a modern, technologically advanced, comfortable, safe and inclusive workplace. In Amazon nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our employees. Along with being Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company and Earth’s Best Employer, we’re also committed to becoming Earth’s Safest Place to Work. That’s why we invest millions every year in training and technology to help our people stay safe while doing their job.

Amazon puts emphasis on diversity and recruits people with all types of training, career aspirations, educational levels and experience, to whom we offer valuable opportunities for professional growth.

Amazon offers jobs for people of all ages and from any country: more than 100 nationalities are represented in our Italian sites. Amazon is the gateway into the world of work for many younger people: we employ more than 1,200 people under the age of 24, and the average age of an Amazon employee in Italy is 34. Amazon offers also later-life job opportunities for older people: eight percent of employees are over the age of 50, and our oldest employee is over 64.

In 2022, Amazon obtained for the second consecutive year the Top Employer Italia certification, which validates the quality of the work environment and human resources programs offered to Amazon employees in Italy. The Top Employer certification is granted to Amazon for all its activities in Italy, including those linked to the website, logistics activities, cloud services with Amazon Web Services, etc. This new certification highlights Amazon’s initiatives to enable employees to start and develop their careers in a fulfilling work environment.

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