Full of peculiar charm and history, Venice is a dream destination for millions of travelers around the world.

They flock to Piazza San Marco, take a gondola tour of the Grand Canal, or hop on traditional Venetian water transportation - a small boat called a vaporetto - to discover the tiny islands of the Lagoon like Murano, famous for the historic tradition of glassblowing.

In Murano, visitors stroll among the colorful houses and artisan shops, watching the skillful hands of glass blowing masters who create unique shapes inspired by the reflections in the Lagoon.

One of those artisans is Simone Cenedese, a master glassmaker. He blows and shapes the famous Murano glass at his shop the way his father taught him.

Simone works in his shop blowing and shaping glass. He wears big protective gloves and holds the glass with a big metal tong.

He’s also one of Amazon’s customers on the cluster of tiny islands.

It’s not easy to procure professional glassmaking equipment on Murano, so Cenedese frequently orders what he needs on Amazon.

“I never thought about leaving Murano to see the world. I don’t need to, as I’m able to experience the whole world that passes by this place,” said Cenedese. “Glass is my job and my passion. Every day, I try to bring tradition and innovation together, because the fire, the glass…those will never change.”

Amazon leverages its interconnected logistics network and strong carrier partnerships to make deliveries along the Lagoon possible.

AMAZON VENEZIA scenic aerial view
Roberto wears a yellow safety vest and delivers a package to Simone at his doorstep.
AMAZON VENEZIA. Glassblower receiving delivery with smile on his face

Once a customer from Murano places an order, an Amazon employee at a European fulfillment center picks and packs the item. Then, the package travels to a carrier partner’s warehouse in the Lagoon area. One of these postal carriers is Roberto Serena.

Every day, Serena uses the vaporettos along the canals to deliver packages to customers on the islands. He covers parts of his route on foot to access the narrow historic streets.

Roberto wears a yellow safety vest and delivers a package to Simone at his doorstep.

“People often enthusiastically await my arrival, and it’s always a pleasure to see them smile when I deliver their anticipated package,” Serena said. "In Venice, we immerse ourselves in beauty every day and being able to work in such an appealing setting certainly has a lot of advantages.”

Cenedese and Serena have one thing in common, despite having two different jobs: They’re passionate about quality of the service they provide to customers.

“I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to be a postal carrier, right in the place where I grew up,” said Serena. “I am from Murano and spending my days among the places I love is a privilege.”

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