On 22 and 24 November Amazon and AWS participated in the Annual Assembly of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) in Bergamo, to reaffirm the company’s role as a force for good for the country and the dozens of municipalities where our sites are located.

Amazon’s presence was conceptualized in the phrase “Creating Value for the Country”, underlining how, particularly in this delicate period, in which the consequences of macro-economic challenges impact companies and communities, a close collaboration between the public and private sectors can be crucial for the creation of positive impact.

At Amazon, we are committed to ensuring that our continuous innovation translates into value for the territories that host us, concretely contributing to the country's priorities: employment, digitization, sustainability, SME support, and skills.

Amazon has been in Italy for 12 years, and became part of its economic fabric: to date we have invested 12.6 billion euros - over 4 billion in 2021 alone - supporting growth in a time of uncertainty. AWS will invest 2 billion euros by 2029 with our AWS Europe Region (Milan) which, in turn, will contribute 3.7 billion euros to Italy's GDP by 2029.

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In this regard, Amazon announced the renewal of our agreement with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), to support the internationalization process of Italian small and medium businesses through the “Made in Italy” showcase, dedicated to Italian excellence and available in our stores for customers worldwide.

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Furthermore, Amazon announced four Italian micro-mobility hubs - in Milan, Naples, Genoa, and Bologna – that will enable Amazon Logistics’ delivery partners to operate more-sustainable deliveries with electric cargo three-wheelers. This will help mitigate traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions, improving air quality in city centres.

We were pleased to share our commitment to Italy with representatives of Italian institutions, trade associations, and business partners. We believe that dialogue and collaboration between all parties is essential to continue offering an excellent service to Italian consumers - including those who live in the most remote areas of the country - supporting the digitization of Italian small and medium businesses, and fostering the growth of the Italian economy.