Amazon is a place for people with different skills, education and interests, where everyone has an equal chance to experience a great professional adventure and find their ideal path of development.

Hanna has been working for Amazon for almost 8 years, currently managing the logistics center in Sady near Poznan. Before joining Amazon, while she was still a student, she has been exploring the secrets of operational work in the book department of one of the large sales networks. It was her love of literature that helped her build her career at Amazon.

Photograph of Hanna Ziarkowska, site manager in Poland
Hanna Ziarkowska

"I have always been interested in literature and the book market, so already during my studies I took up a job in a popular chain selling books, electronics, press and films, where I was the manager of the book department. I was also interested in Amazon because of literature – I was a big fan of the Kindle e-book reader. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to be a part of this company, so when Amazon offered me a job, I did not hesitate for a second", says Hanna.

Good beginnings

Although changing a job – especially when entering a new industry – may seem like a stressful experience, Hanna felt from the very beginning of her adventure at Amazon that she came to the right place and that she would always have support at her fingertips.

"The first day of work was a big event for me. I saw a logistics center with many modern technological solutions. I had the right to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, but the reality turned out to be different – all the people were very helpful and open from the very beginning. I felt that there are no stupid questions here and my every doubt was treated with great professionalism and cordiality".

Hanna emphasizes that people are her biggest motivation at Amazon. It has been like that from the very first day and it is still the case today. Hanna was the first Area Manager hired in Poland and it was in the center near Poznan that she started her operational career. Along the way she also had the opportunity to work in the central team responsible for opening new logistics centers in Europe (e.g. in Lodz and Gliwice). In this last challenge, however, she missed direct contact with people and being next to them in their daily duties. That is why she returned to Poznan in a new role – as a Site Leader.

"What inspires me the most is the opportunity to work with people. I like to follow their development, I like to be with them every day and feel that special adrenaline. That's what gives me the most energy. When I came back to Poznan after a few years, already in the role of Site Leader, I felt great joy when I saw the same people, but already in higher positions. I admit that I felt satisfaction from the fact that I contributed to their development".

Unlimited opportunities for growth

Amazon is a place where everyone has a chance for a dynamic career, even if they have no formal qualifications. The company's human resources policy, which focuses on building a work environment open to development, makes it easy and effective for Amazon employees to broaden their professional competencies and qualifications, including, among others: taking part in numerous trainings, educational programs or benefiting from the support of mentors.

"At Amazon we have a mentorship program, in which everyone can ask for support from a mentor and receive advice from him on professional issues. I have met many inspiring leaders at Amazon. As I changed departments, I saw a variety of personalities who dealt with a variety of daily challenges. This has also helped to shape me as a leader. I always recommend the people I work with to take advantage of mentorship programs because I know how it helps in becoming better every day."

In addition to mentorship, Amazon also offers a number of in-house trainings conducted through an e-learning platform that covers a variety of topics ranging from management basics to aspects such as business writing, personal development and work-life balance. What's more - Amazon also runs an innovative program called "Career Choice” where associates can get funding for educational purposes. For 4 years, Amazon covers up to 95% of costs of professional trainings chosen by employees.

"At Amazon, training is an important part of the job and we have a lot of it. Our Training and Development department makes sure that they are tailored to the needs of each employee."

Join Amazon!

"I would definitely recommend everyone to consider a career at Amazon. I've really learned a lot in my 8 years here, both as an employee and as a person – because the resourcefulness and creativity I've gained from my job I can use in other areas of my life as well."

Do you like Hanna's story? You too can create your career path with Amazon! Join the group of Amazon employees in Poland, where we have created 25,000 permanent jobs to date.

The company also offers additional benefits such as private medical care, free transport to work on selected routes, free hot meals during holidays or private health insurance. In addition, associates working at Amazon for more than a year have access to the innovative "Career Choice" program.

Amazon Fulfillment Poland is an employer appreciated in the market - the company was awarded the title of Top Employer 2022. The certificate is a confirmation of Amazon's commitment to employees of logistics centers. The quality of work environment, development opportunities for employees and high standards and good HR practices were appreciated.

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