Judging which size you are across different brands, to finding exactly what you’re looking for amongst a sea of styles — we’ve all been there. Fashion should always feel good, which is why at Amazon Fashion we're making shopping more about what customers love.

Amazon Fashion is inventing new hassle-free ways to help customers access any style they want while also getting the right size, first time round - all when shopping Fashion via the Amazon app. Customers can access the looks they want to shop right now, with super-charged tools at their fingertips.

Personalized sizing recommendations across multiple brands, visual search from just an image or screenshot, and concierge-level convenience for Amazon Prime members are the package of tools to unlock together. All customers need to do is head to the app.

Here are three tools to shake up the fashion shopping experience:

1. Getting it right, first time round

At Amazon Fashion we are giving customers additional support to make choosing the right size easier when shopping across different brands. When customers shop using the Amazon app, they’ll get an automatically generated size recommendation for the items they view. The recommendation is based on previous purchases, returns, and even items customers didn’t like.

To help support their recommendation, customers can filter customer reviews by height and weight to see the feedback that best matches their body type.

And it really does work: due to these new features for sizing, the number of European customers who returned fashion items due to fit reasons decreased by more than 17% in the last two years.

Gerade bei Hosen ist die richtige Länge und Passform wichtig. Das Bild zeigt eine geöffnete Amazon Versandbox mit drei Hosen in weiß, beige und braun, ausgebreitet auf einem hellen Sofa.

2. StyleSnap: the personal shopping assistant

Customers can upload a photo or a screenshot of a look they love to find similar items on site, thanks to StyleSnap. Powered by artificial intelligence, this feature uses deep learning technology to scan images and recognize garment colors, shapes, and outfit styles — giving customers recommendations for similar items across Amazon Fashion that match the look. Like a personal shopping assistant, but with the entire Amazon Fashion selection to hand. Since it first launched in the US in 2019, tens of millions of customers and influencers across the US, EU and India have visited StyleSnap and customers tell us they love it! Learn more about StyleSnap here.

To use StyleSnap, tap the camera symbol in the app’s top search bar.

3. Try at home before you buy

Whether customers change their mind or the fit isn’t 100% perfect, we've got them covered. Available to Amazon Prime members in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France, the Prime Try Before You Buy service makes shopping for fashion more convenient than ever. Customers can try on their favourite fashion in the comfort of their home for free, paying only for the items they want to keep. They can shop and try more than 10 million styles from thousands of brands without the worry of multiple refunds. Millions of customers around the globe have already used Prime Try Before You Buy to find products they love. Learn more about this Prime benefit here.

To use, select ‘Prime Try Before You Buy’ under ‘Fashion & Beauty’ via the Amazon app menu icon.

Mit „Prime – erst probieren dann zahlen“ können die neuen Lieblingsstücke bequem zuhause anprobiert werden. Auf dem Bild ist eine geöffnete Amazon Versandbox zu sehen. In der Box befindet sich ein fliederfarbener Pullover. Neben der Box, auf einem hellen Sofa, liegt ein ausgebreiteter, hellblauer Pullover.

In addition to these tools, Amazon Fashion is helping customers style their new favourite items too. Based on what they decide to purchase, we suggest garments and accessories to complete their look.

And every one of these handy features is backed up by Customer Reviews and Questions, available instantly on the app. In one tap customers get access to reviews and answers that help inform their shopping choices.

Download the Amazon-App

To try these features customers simply need to open the Amazon app and head straight to the menu icon on the right-hand side of their screen, select ‘Fashion & Beauty’, then the chosen category to begin.

Customers will find curated stories and style edits that help them navigate the very best of Fashion at Amazon, from the hottest styles to their favourite brands. They can browse unique fashion shoots and inspirational content, freshly updated throughout the seasons, showcasing hand-picked garments that match exactly what each customer is looking for.