While we have no direct operations in Ukraine, Amazon has provided humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine since the first day of the Russian invasion. This includes our infrastructure and technology to provide support to charity organizations working to help refugees and other impacted people and donating more than $35 million in financial support, products, and cloud computing credits.

The donations include over $10 million to more than 150 charity organizations that are providing critical support on the ground, including UNICEF, UNHCR, World Food Program, Red Cross, Polska Akcja Humanitarna, and Save the Children. We also continue to make product donations—from hygiene products and medical supplies to snacks and clothing.

Amazon is partnering closely with Ukraine relief organizations and providing cyber security assistance.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has committed $15 million in cloud computing credits, and technical expertise, to continue supporting local and global organizations addressing the humanitarian crisis. AWS technologies and experts have been supporting a range of activities, including powering applications that are facilitating the intake of Ukrainian refugees at border crossings, providing technology to help establish safe evacuation routes, setting up emergency internet connectivity, and enabling secure communications.

In addition to those donations, we’ve also made it easy for our customers and employees to support the efforts through donation buttons, charity wish lists on our websites around the world, and matching programs. And we’ve waived our fees for payment processing on donations made through Amazon. So far, Amazon customers have donated over $5 million in financial support and products so far to charity organizations doing important work on the ground. Our employees have also donated millions, and Amazon is matching their donations up to $5 million.

We’ll continue working with charity organizations, our employees, and our partners to support refugees and other in need. We know that the recovery from this war will take many years, and we will continue to stand with and support the people of Ukraine.

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