At Amazon, people like Lucian make sure that employees stay healthy and safe while at work. As an EU-WHS (Workplace, Health, Safety) auditor, he is regularly on the road. Amazon fulfillment centers in Poland, sortation centers in Germany or delivery stations in France – Lucian knows them all. He carries out audits throughout Europe. The mission for the Star Wars fan: “May safety be with everyone who works here.” He checks the existing safety concepts on-site, exchanges ideas with other employees and advises the local WHS teams.

In this way, he helps to ensure that the workplace is continuously improved and safe for Amazon’s people. He also supports Amazon in achieving its self-imposed goal: Being Earth’s most customer-centric company and the best employer with the safest workplace in the world.

Amazon-Arbeitssicherheitsexperte Lucian Geiger mit Kollegin in gelb-orangenen Westen im Logistikzentrum.

“Being an EU-WHS auditor is a wonderful way to combine my passion for my job and traveling. I also constantly get to meet great colleagues from different cultures and countries. I am completely happy with my current job at Amazon.”

Lucian's rise to safety manager at the Graben fulfillment center

Lucian started his career at Amazon in 2013 at the fulfillment center in Graben handling customer orders: “My first workplace at Amazon was in Customer Returns. Here, together with my colleagues, I was responsible for customer returns, which were also handled via the site at that time. I remember how much fun we had doing the job and how much I was able to learn here.”

It was always important to Lucian to continue learning and to remain inquisitive. As a shipping employee, he took part in the Amazon Career Choice program, where he took a course in Business English. The language skills he learned there are still helping him at work today. When he personally came into contact with the safety team, Lucian experienced first-hand how much importance the team places on the well-being of colleagues. Impressed by this commitment, he also wanted to work in the occupational safety area and seized the opportunity to work as a safety ambassador in Graben.

While working at Amazon, he completed trainings first to become a safety officer and then an occupational safety specialist. For this, he attended courses at the logistics association “Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik” (BGHW). His managers actively supported his training by writing letters of recommendation and offering flexible working hours. After a few years as a safety coordinator and then specialist for occupational safety, he finally became the leading manager for occupational safety in Graben in 2019.

Arbeitssicherheitsexperte bei Amazon, Lucian Geiger, mit einer Kollegin bei der Vermessung im Logistikzentrum.

“I often came across closed doors at the beginning of my career before joining Amazon. Amazon gave me a chance and let me know that what it took was solely my commitment, irrelevant of my background. My colleagues and managers have always supported me, I am very grateful for that.”

In January 2022, Lucian started his new role as EU-WHS auditor. To this day, it is important to him to learn something new every day – whether on his personal development or occupational health and safety. This relates well to Amazon’s own reliance on a learning process in occupational safety in which all employees are expressly encouraged to participate. One example is safety saves. This simple concept invites all employees on-site to identify and report potential risks such as tripping hazards. At the same time, colleagues can also make their own suggestions for improvement.

When he’s not looking after the safety of his colleagues or spending time with his family, Lucian is devoted to his other great passion – the Star Wars saga. Nonetheless, Lucian wouldn't allow laser swords in the fulfillment center; they're far too dangerous, he says with a smile.

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Occupational safety at Amazon

Safety is an integral part of all processes at Amazon – every day, at every site, in every country. The sites are laid out in a way that ensures employees can work well and safely. Amazon collects and analyzes data to proactively reduce and eliminate security risks. Additionally, we invest in innovation to continuously improve safety in our operations. Amazon's safety performance is made possible by the engagement and commitment of our employees and our 8,000 safety professionals worldwide.