For the second year in a row, Amazon hosted its Amazon Stars campaign in Europe, an international initiative where employees spotlight their peers who use their talents and skills to help their fellow colleagues or other members of their community. Compelling and heartwarming stories were featured about employees working across the Amazon Operations network in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“At Amazon, we value diversity and inclusivity. We believe that building a culture that celebrates all employees and a welcoming environment where you can be yourself is integral to people doing their best work and is essential to what we can achieve as a company. I’m proud of all the great talent on our teams. Many of our employees use their time and special skills to support others in their communities, and I’m pleased Amazon has been able to contribute to some of their causes,” said Stefano Perego, VP of Amazon Customer Fulfillment in Europe.

This year, 27 employees were spotlighted as Amazon Stars for going the extra mile for others. Learn more about their stories here:

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Photo by Negredo Martin, Jaime
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Photo by Negredo Martin, Jaime
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Photo by Negredo Martin, Jaime

  • Sarah Autin-Dubois [FR]: taught basic sign language to fellow Amazonians during a multi-day handicapped cycling tour charity event
  • Karine Amsallem[FR]: volunteers her time at her local SPA pet shelter
  • Flavia Benefazio [IT]: graphic designer who created L.A.R.A., a virtual assistant that explains Amazon’s principles to colleagues at her site
  • Giuliano Arnoldi [IT]: raised funds for the Italian Down Syndrome Association
  • Matteo Belintende [IT]: break dancer who teaches dance to local children in his community
  • Ana Poves [ES]: a trap singer and performer who promotes a positive image of woman in urban music
  • Patricia Izquierdo [ES]: writer whose words help others going through difficult times
  • Richard Burtenshaw [UK]: football coach who lead motivational online sessions for children during the pandemic
  • Aizaz Hussain [UK]: spoken-word artist and poet who dedicates his time and his art to helping people with mental health struggles
  • Phil Hayden [UK]: a life-long blood donor and NHS volunteer
  • Bartłomiej Łuczak [PL]: takes care of at-risk children and newborns through the Fun and Drive Foundation
  • Diter Wojtczak [PL]: volunteers at the Aspiration Foundation, which helps children with autism and Asperger's syndrome
  • Mateusz Wojdak [PL]: helps disabled children at a local Rehabilitation, Educational and Educational Center
  • Przemysław Kielarski [PL]: took an active role in an Amazon campaign raising awareness of mental health illnesses
  • Grzegorz Górowski [PL]: an active blood donor, and committed to helping homeless animals and people in need
  • Marek Pluciński [PL]: works for the local volunteer fire department
  • Alicja Przetak [PL]: leader of the Academy of the Future, an initiative supporting children with challenging conditions at home
  • Krystian Nowak [PL]: helps people animals in need
  • Mykola Skochelias [PL]: helps colleagues and foreigners acclimate in Poland
  • Zuzanna Słomiańska [PL]: initiator of the Academy of the Future, supporting children with challenging conditions at home
  • Marta Frankowska [PL]: donated bone marrow to a cancer patient
  • Adela Vykydalova [SK]: raised over 60,000 euros for her local Children's CardioCentre Foundation
  • Eliska Kul'hova [CZ]: proactively signed up for sign language courses to communicate better with deaf colleagues
  • Atefe Zare & Thomas Sparding [DE]: helped coordinate Amazon aid deliveries to schools in flooded areas of Germany
  • Martin Pausch [DE]: created a local association to help the elderly with loneliness during the holidays
  • Christain Juergen Stern [DE]: serves an induction trainer for the deaf